Developing socially inclusive transportation policy: transferring the United Kingdom policy approach to the State of Victoria?

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Journal Article

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policy - equity, policy - social exclusion, place - europe, place - australasia


Transport disadvantage, Social exclusion, Policy practice, UK, Australia


The role of transport disadvantage in the social exclusion of low income and marginalised households and communities has received increasing academic and policy interest over the last 10 years or so. Against a backdrop of studies that have predominantly considered this issue within various national contexts, this paper offers a unique opportunity to compare different national context. The paper is informed by a commissioned study for the State of Victoria Department of Transport (Lucas, Study of transport exclusion in the state of Victoria: It doesn’t have to be this way, 2008), which wished to draw lessons from the United Kingdom in order to promote a similar policy agenda for the State. It is the authors’ contention that the issue of transport-related social exclusion is likely receive growing international policy recognition in the context of global recession, associated local job losses and reduced disposable incomes, as well as the ageing structure of most Western societies. The paper seeks to disseminate the important findings of our study about the potential for policy transfer to other national and local contexts to a wider academic, policy and practitioner audience.


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