Evaluation of Video Camera System to Reduce Side Collisions of Transit Buses

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, place - north america, planning - safety/accidents


transit buses, side crashes, blind zone, accident reduction


An aftermarket sideview video system has great potential to reduce side crashes of transit buses. This paper presents a research project that investigated the use of a sideview video system as a countermeasure against most problems with mirrors that caused side crashes in transit operations. Measurements showed that the video camera system with a regular-angle lens could reduce about 64% of the blind zone of a flat mirror system. The video system could reduce about 40% of the blind zone of a common system that combined flat and convex mirrors. With a wide-angle lens, the blind zones on both sides of transit buses could be completely eliminated. The controlled driving test, designed to determine whether drivers could use the system to perform everyday maneuvers, showed no statistically significant difference between distances perceived with the mirrors and with the camera system in static and dynamic conditions. During testing, several advantages of using a camera-based system over one with mirrors were observed. The testing confirmed that the system could be implemented and that further enhancement of the performance of the system could improve its potential over mirrors used on transit vehicles, with a resulting increase in safety and reduction in crashes.


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