Models to Support State-Owned Park and Ride Lots and Intermodal facilities

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Journal Article

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mode - park and ride, place - north america, planning - surveys


Asset management, Best practices, Deficiencies, Districts and authorities, Fringe parking, Innovation, Intermodal facilities, Interviewing, Parking lots, State departments of transportation, Surveys


This digest addresses the needs and issues associated with state park and ride/intermodal commuter facilities and programs. It identifies deficiencies, best practices, and promising innovations. Research was conducted over an 8-month period and involved interviews with a small but representative sample of managers responsible for administering these programs. Sixty-two percent of the surveyed programs are managed by state departments of transportation with the remaining programs managed by public transit authorities and transportation districts. This digest has four chapters, organized as follows: (1) Program Surveys - A synthesis of each of the surveyed programs; (2) Key Findings and Best Practices - An analytical assessment and identification of best practices; (3) Conclusions - Researcher suggestions for managers challenged by the demands for and the costs of public park and ride/intermodal commuter facilities; and (4) Suggested Research - A short list of suggested topics for additional study.


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