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Conference Paper

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place - australasia, land use - smart growth, land use - urban density


agglomeration economies, spatial concentration, Sydney, land use


Agglomeration economies, the advantages of spatial concentration, are attracting increasing interest. While there is still debate over the mechanisms which deliver benefits, transport has a key role in creating and supporting agglomeration economies. Public transport is of interest because public transport use is highest to higher density concentrations of activity. There are two mechanisms by which public transport can contribute: firstly, through more efficient use of valuable land to deliver people to destinations, and secondly, through the increased opportunities for informal, unplanned interactions between people using public transport and walking rather than driving. The paper investigates two related research questions to help explore the possible role of public transport in supporting agglomeration economies: firstly, the relationship between industry concentration in centres of different types in Sydney and public transport use; and secondly, the possible role of public transport in supporting informal, unplanned interactions elicited through a pilot survey designed to test the methodology.