Development of the urban form in the guangzhou railway station area (gzrsa) under the transformation by rail transit methods


Xiaxing Zhang

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - station, place - asia, mode - rail


Rail transit, Guangzhou railway station area, Urban form


The purpose of this article is to examine how the transformation by the rail transit methods faced in the GZRSA influence the development of the urban form in the area. Investigations, interviews and correlated theoretical analysis were used to identify the influences. Two ring area including the “Core Ring” and the “Outer Ring” in the GZRSA were selected to be further discussed. The weakened task in the national rail transit and the new subway will induce and support a high-intensity development in the area. Some suggestions on the development were given: readjusting the future positioning of the GZRSA in the whole city; making smooth and efficient transferring between the city rail transit and other transportation methods; preserving the sky-line around the front-station square; establishing the high-density and high-intensity development in the front-station area.


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