A realistic cellular automata model of bus route system based on open boundary

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, infrastructure - stop, place - asia, operations - performance, planning - route design


Bus route, Cellular automata, Open boundary, Phase region, Inhomogeneous


In this article, a cellular automata model under opening boundary condition is proposed to simulate the characteristics of bus route. Through massive numerical simulations, phase diagram is obtained, which consists of four regions, including uniform region, insufficient capability region, bunching region, and serious congestion region. By studying the characteristics of each phase region and comparing the average speed and utilization, it is found that the position in uniform region or bunching region but near to the border of insufficient capability region is the best. Furthermore, phenomena of inhomogeneous bus stop situations are simulated, and resolution of driving shuttle buses is discussed. Comparing the simulation results with the real-life bus route investigation, some similarities are found.


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