A Multi-Agent System for Urban Traffic and Buses Regularity Control

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - car, infrastructure - traffic signals, infrastructure - right of way


Multi-Agent, Public transport, Urban Traffic Control, Traffic regulation, Agent communication, Traffic lights, Transit regulation


In order to improve travel times for public surface transport vehicles (buses, trams, etc...), urban traffic control systems are used to give priority to public transport vehicles. The main target of these strategies is to reduce the delay when crossing an intersection, for all private and public transport vehicles. However, they do not take into account buses regularity. Our objectives in this research are to regulate urban traffic but also to ensure the regularity of buses. To do, we develop a multi-agent bimodal urban traffic control strategy. This multi-agent strategy acts on traffic lights to regulate traffic, promote passage of buses, while monitoring the intervals between buses driven on a given bus route. We present a model adapted to a real traffic situation and propose new alternatives to better regulate the bimodal urban traffic between public transport (buses) and private cars.


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