Perceived attributes of bus and car mediating satisfaction with the work commute

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Journal Article

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mode - car, mode - bus, ridership - commuting, ridership - behaviour, ridership - young people, place - europe


Public transport use, Work commute, Satisfaction with travel


In an experimental simulation employing 123 undergraduates the effect of different travel modes on satisfaction with travel, mood after the day traveled, and satisfaction with the day as a whole were assessed for the work commute by car or bus. Car was rated higher than bus on satisfaction with travel. This mode difference was accounted for by ratings of the mode-specific attributes fun, lifestyle match, and feeling secure for which car was rated higher than bus. It was also shown that satisfaction with travel partially mediated the effect of travel mode on mood. Satisfaction with the day as a whole was however not influenced by travel mode when controlling for the mood effect of travel.


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