Assembling Model and Algorithm of Railway Passengers Distribution

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Journal Article

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mode - rail, place - asia, infrastructure - station, operations - scheduling


railway transportation, assembling, arrival distribution of passenger flow, computer simulation, Beijing south station


Computer simulation technology is applied to acquire and process passenger flow distribution and assembling. It also provides reference for layout of station facilities and complication of station operation and management plan. On the basis of the investigations on Beijing South Station and analysis of the rule of arrival passenger in the waiting room, the distribution density function is proposed and the passengers' arrival simulation model is developed. Then, the paper presents the passenger regularity arrival algorithm for simulating the arrival waiting process of passengers. The passenger flow simulation system is designed and the assembling calculation method is presented with simulation. According to the time and space distribution characteristics of passenger flow at Beijing South Station, the simulation experiment is conducted to observe the passenger flow dynamic distribution based on the train schedules. The rationality and effectiveness of the proposed model is thus verified.


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