Optimal Offline Cycle Length Model Based on Online Bus Priority Demand

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, infrastructure - bus/tram lane, infrastructure - traffic signals, place - asia


urban traffic, cycle length, traffic simulation, transit signal priority, delay


Cycle is one of the most important parameters of traffic control system which has many effects on the delay of buses. The basic requirement of bus signal priority is to decrease bus delay at intersections. First, the optimal cycle length model under the condition of bus signal priority is built by giving different weight to vehicles and buses. Then, a four-phase signal controlled intersection which has an exclusive bus lane is adopted to validate the optimal cycle length model and analyze the effects of different weight. The results show that the optimal cycle for buses and vehicles is not equal. And the weighted optimal cycle length model can make a trade-off between buses and vehicles. Finally, the appropriate on-line increment of cycle can further reduce the delay of buses and would not affect the non-priority vehicles.


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