Model and Algorithm of Regional Bus Scheduling with Grey Travel Time

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, infrastructure - rolling stock, economics - capital costs, economics - operating costs


urban traffic, bus scheduling problem, grey travel time, ant colony algorithm, regional


The regional bus scheduling is the future trend of urban public transport development. It focuses on assigning trips belonged to several routes to buses located at different depots to reduce fleet size and operating costs. With consideration of the emergencies in reality interfering with vehicles to complete a trip on time, this paper studies regional bus scheduling problem with grey travel time to meet some side constraints such as multi-vehicle-type, depots capacities and fuelling, etc. The model is resolved by the improved ant colony algorithm to prepare a lowest-cost scheduling scheme. The proposed scheduling method is easily operated and can be used for different situations. At the last section, an example proves the correctness and effectiveness of the model and algorithm.


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