User-Friendly and Secure Passenger Transport

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mode - mass transit, place - europe, operations - performance, planning - personal safety/crime


Accessibility, Comfort, Passenger transportation, Public transit, Quality of service, Security, Urban transportation


This Policy Brochure addresses the theme of collective passenger transport. This is defined as transport services where users pay a fare to travel and the service runs to a timetable. Passenger transport includes urban transport systems as well as local, regional and long-distance transport by bus, coach, train, aeroplane and ferry. This brochure focuses on themes such as quality, accessibility, comfort, information and security of transport, including vehicles, terminals and customer services before, during and after the trip. It does not address public transport regulation or management, traffic management or travel by individual private transport (for instance by car, motorcycle or bicycle), nor does it address transport safety, which is a major topic in its own right. It focuses on recent EU policy and associated research, mostly from European Framework Programmes, together with some key results and implications.


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