Robust Optimization Model of Bus Transit Network Design with Stochastic Travel Time

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, place - asia, planning - network design


Public transportation, Networks, Models, Travel patterns, bus


The design of urban bus transit systems aims to determine a network configuration with a set of bus lines and associated frequencies that achieve the targeted objective. This paper presents a methodology framework to formulate and solve the bus transit network design problem (TNDP). It first proposes a TNDP taking into account the travel time stochasticity. A robust optimization model is formulated for the proposed problem, which aims to minimize the sum of the expected value of the operator cost and its variability multiplied by a weighting value. A heuristic solution approach, based onk -shortest path algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm, Monte Carlo simulation, and probit-type discrete choice model, is subsequently developed to solve the robust optimization model. Finally, the proposed methodology is applied to a numerical example