Exploring characteristics of airport access mode choice: a case study of Korea

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - car, mode - bus, mode - subway/metro, ridership - mode choice


airport access mode, logistic regression model, mode choice behavior, nonbusiness travel, Korea


This paper explores air passengers' behavior of airport access mode choice and develops airport access mode choice models for two major domestic airports in Korea, Gimpo Airport and Daegu Airport. First, descriptive analyses are conducted to identify whether the key explanatory variables such as trip purpose, travel time, and travel cost are statistically different among airport access modes. Second, logistic regression models are proposed for three types of airport access mode choices: auto and public transit, auto and bus, and auto and subway. The model results indicate that the choice of airport access mode is significantly affected by travel characteristics and sociodemographic variables. This study also estimates access mode choice models for business and nonbusiness travel, indicating that access mode choice is significantly more affected by demographic characteristics of nonbusiness travel air passengers than those for business travel passengers.


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