Economic appraisal of public transport

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economics - appraisal/evaluation, economics - benefits, place - australasia, planning - service improvement


service enhancements, public transport, New Zealand, economic appraisal, social cost benefits


This research project was undertaken to provide guidance on appropriate methods and benefits parameters to use in the economic appraisal of public transport proposals (in particular service enhancements) in New Zealand.

The research involved two focus areas and a case study. The first focus area included an international review of economic and project appraisal approaches and procedures, followed by a detailed assessment of selected international appraisal procedures. The second focus area involved a comprehensive review of existing New Zealand and Australian research evidence on public transport user benefit parameter values. Finally, a case study based on the Wellington public transport spine study short list evaluation was undertaken to illustrate the potential application of recommended improvements to economic appraisal procedures and recommended user benefit parameter values.

The research found that social cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis were the most appropriate methods for economic appraisal of public transport proposals in New Zealand, and that an appropriate level of analysis should be undertaken. Recommended default values for appropriate user benefit parameters were also identified.


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