Flexible Public Transportation services in Florida

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Journal Article

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place - north america, mode - other, planning - travel demand management


Public transportation, mobility, flexible services


This synthesis research provides an overview of the current use of flexible transportation services in Florida through administration of a survey and subsequent identification and examination of case study locations. The research included a literature review to determine the prevalence of these service delivery methods, the way in which these services are being provided throughout the United States, and the experience of the areas implementing these services, as well as any lessons learned that may be identified through this effort. Based on the information collected during the literature review, the survey of the Florida transit agencies, and the subsequent follow-up and website searches, six Florida transit agencies were identified that provided specific unique flexible service routes. In-depth case studies, comprising interviews and site visits, were presented to document how each of the six agencies have designed their flexible transit service approaches.


Performing Organization Name and Address National Center for Transit Research Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue, CUT100, Tampa, FL 33620-5375


Sponsoring Agency Name and Address Florida Department of Transportation Research Center 605 Suwannee Street, MS30 Tallahassee, Florida 32399 Research and Innovative Technology Administration U.S. Department of Transportation Mail Code RDT-30, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, Room E33 Washington, D.C. 20590-0001