Private Car Switched to Public Transit by Commuters, in Shanghai, China

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

mode - car, ridership - commuting, place - asia, ridership - mode choice


private car commuters, public transit, service performance, target population, Difference-Importance analysis


In order to effectively attract commuters from private car to public transit, this paper aimed to find out the target population and the attributes of public transit which needs improvement. The research was based on a survey of private car commuters in Shanghai. The survey covered perceptions of public transit and private car service performance, the importance degree of trip attributes, and private car commuters’ intention to switch to public transit. The findings indicate that the target population is female and short distance commuters, because female and short distance private car commuters have lower trip demand and are more likely to switch to public transit. The analysis of Difference-Importance shows that public transit attributes of comfort and timeliness require improvement, and the measures strengthening public transit's comfort level should be taken first.


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