Ergo-assessment of Human Factor for Female Tram Drivers

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Journal Article

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place - europe, mode - tram/light rail, operations - reliability


female tram drivers, ergonomic assessment, disturbance factors, share of human factor


The paper presents ergonomic assessment of the “tram drivers - tram - traffic environment” system in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The input data were collected by surveying the subjective disturbances from cognitive perception of 36 female respondents working as tram drivers. System of many simultaneous different ergo-assessment factors that affect female drivers while operating the tram may cause reduction of reliability and safety of the tram drivers’ actions and increase the workload during the driving. The ergonomic assessment of subjective disturbance factors was realized by means of concrete parameters with numerical values, on the basis of which the dominant and important factors of disturbance per percentage were divided into three standard groups of factors: human factor, traffic means and traffic environment. Increased share of disturbance factors from the groups traffic means and traffic environment in relation to the share of human factor proves intense impact of traffic means and traffic environment on the female tram drivers.


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