Policy transfer of public transport funding schemes – The case of Norway

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Journal Article

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place - europe, economics - finance


Public transport, Funding measures, Acceptance, Barriers, Policy transference


This paper assesses the circumstances under which the schemes and models of public transport funding in one country can be applied in another country. Acceptance and similarity are presented as key concepts when considering new PT funding measures. Norway is taken as an illustrative example in exploring the probability that a certain measure will be accepted, and what degree of similarity is necessary, if adopting new funding schemes from other countries is to be successful. Through this approach, we aim to explore how acceptance and similarity interact.

We conclude that although in principle it is possible to transfer the funding measures discussed in this paper to the Norwegian setting, they will all encounter different degrees of political and cultural accept. Combining measures by creating policy packages will enable policy makers to balance the weaknesses of one funding measure against the strengths of another. The mere content of a policy package is not the only factor influencing implementation barriers. The context in which the measures are presented can also generate barriers, and thus there is reason to look more closely at the relationship between measure characteristics and context.


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