Improving Transit Integration Among Multiple Providers, Volume I: Transit Integration Manual

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place - north america, mode - bus, planning - integration, operations - coordination, economics - benefits, planning - signage/information


Transit agencies, integration, customer experience, fares, transfers, information access


TCRP Report 173: Improving Transit Integration Among Multiple Providers presents a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures to assist transit agencies in evaluating, planning, and implementing steps to integrate transit services in areas with multiple transit providers. The report comprises two volumes: the Transit Integration Manual and the Research Report. Together, these documents can help guide the process of transit service integration by (1) showing the benefits of integration; (2) illustrating the range of potential types of integration activities; and (3) describing procedures necessary to carry out integration efforts, including tips for success. This report will be of interest to transit operators, metropolitan planning organizations, and others interested in the coordination and integration of transit services to improve customer service in areas with multiple transit providers.


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