Empirical modelling of the relationship between bus and car speeds on signalised urban networks

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Journal Article

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place - australasia, place - urban, mode - bus, mode - car, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, technology - intelligent transport systems


vehicle speed, bus/car speed relationships, Bluetooth, transit signal priority, multimodal modelling, signalised urban networks


Vehicle speed is an important attribute for analysing the utility of a transport mode. The speed relationship between multiple modes of transport is of interest to traffic planners and operators. This paper quantifies the relationship between bus speed and average car speed by integrating Bluetooth data and transit signal priority data from the urban network in Brisbane, Australia. The method proposed in this paper is the first of its kind to relate bus speed and average car speed by integrating multi-source traffic data in a corridor-based method. Three transferable regression models relating not-in-service bus, in-service bus during peak periods and in-service bus during off-peak periods with average car speed are proposed. The models are cross-validated and the interrelationships are significant.


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