Changes in Transit Use and Service and Associated Changes in Driving Near a New Light Rail Transit Line

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mode - bus, mode - subway/metro, place - north america, operations - service span, ridership - behaviour, policy, planning


Rail transit, Bus transit, Public transportation, Vehicle miles travelled, Before-and-after


Los Angeles is pursuing possibly the most ambitious rail transit investment program in the nation with plans to open six new rail transit lines between now and 2019. The report provides policy makes and planners a better understanding of the potential impacts of Los Angeles Metro’s rail transit investment program by assessing the changes in transit use of nearby residents and nearby bus service associated with the Expo Line, the first of the six new lines. Our findings indicate that changes in bus service that are coincident with the introduction of new light rail transit can negatively affect the overall transit ridership in the corridor. In addition, we find that households living near new Expo Line light rail stations reduced their vehicle miles traveled (VMT), but those households living near bus stops that were eliminated as part of the service change increased their VMT.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Mineta Transportation Institute, copyright remains with them.