Planning guidelines for metro–bus interchanges by means of a pedestrian microsimulation model

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - subway/metro, mode - pedestrian, place - south america, infrastructure - interchange/transfer, planning - safety/accidents


pedestrians, microsimulation, metro, station, bus, interchange, Chile


The big paradigm for cities nowadays is to study the movement of pedestrians at the interface between metro and bus systems – metrobus interchanges. When these interchanges are not well designed, walking is inefficient and can be unsafe for pedestrians. This paper analyses, by means of a pedestrian microsimulation model, metrobus interchange spaces in order to propose planning guidelines for the city of Santiago de Chile. Specific objectives are (1) to identify the variables that provide efficiency and safety in those spaces; (2) to simulate different scenarios using the pedestrian simulation model LEGION; (3) to propose planning and design guidelines for pedestrian spaces at metrobus interchanges; and (4) to contrast the recommendations in the recently opened terminal station on Line 1 of Metro de Santiago: Los Dominicos Station.


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