Travel Demand Modeling for Regional Visioning and Scenario Analysis

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Journal Article

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operations - capacity, operations - traffic, land use - planning, ridership - forecasting, ridership - forecasting, ridership - demand, mode - mass transit


Travel models (Travel demand), Travel demand, Transit, Traffic capacity, Scenarios, Regional planning, Public transit, Projections, Mathematical models, Mass transit, Local transit, Land use, Induced travel, Highway capacity, Forecasting, Chicago (Illinois), Baltimore (Maryland), Austin (Texas)


Regional visioning and scenario analysis projects are becoming an increasingly important focus in the modeling of regional travel demand. This report summarizes model enhancements that have proved useful in these types of projects from experience in the regions of Baltimore, Maryland; Chicago, Illinois; and Austin, Texas. The enhancements focus on key goals in regional visioning and scenario analysis projects, including increasing sensitivity to microscale effects on land use, that affect a response by choice riders to high-quality transit service and that account for induced travel from increased roadway capacity.