Evaluation of exclusive bus lanes in a bi-modal degradable road network

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - car, infrastructure - bus/tram lane, ridership - behaviour, economics - value of time


Degradable road network, Exclusive bus lanes, Bi-modal traffic equilibrium, Risk aversion, Uncertainty of bus waiting time, Paradox


In this paper, we proposed an evaluation method of exclusive bus lanes (EBLs) in a bi-modal degradable road network with car and bus transit modes. Link travel time with and without EBLs for two modes is analyzed with link stochastic degradation. Furthermore, route general travel costs are formulated with the uncertainty of link travel time for both modes and the uncertainty of waiting time at a bus stop and in-vehicle congestion costs for the bus mode. The uncertainty of bus waiting time is considered to be relevant to the degradation of the front links of the bus line. A bi-modal user equilibrium model incorporating travelers’ risk adverse behavior is proposed for evaluating EBLs. Finally, two numerical examples are used to illustrate how the road degradation level, travelers’ risk aversion level and the front link’s correlation level with the uncertainty of the bus waiting time affect the results of the user equilibrium model with and without EBLs and how the road degradation level affects the optimal EBLs setting scheme. A paradox of EBLs setting is also illustrated where adding one exclusive bus lane may decrease share of bus.


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