Stated Preference as a Tool to Evaluate Airline Passenger Preferences and Priorities

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Journal Article

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planning - service quality, land use - planning


Strategies, Strategic planning, Stated preferences, Service quality, Quality of service, Priorities, Passengers, Passenger service quality, Passenger service, Objectives, Market research, Goals, Case studies, Air travel, Air transportation


Stated preference (SP) analysis is a technique widely used by market research and transportation professionals to understand decision-making behavior and consumer choice models. This discussion covers the role of SP as a tool to enhance understanding of air travelers’ preferences and priorities for airline services and the potential for SP research to play a greater role in product development and demand forecasting for different types of airline services. Two case studies of previously conducted research for a major airline in Asia are used to explore how SP data have been used to evaluate passenger preferences and priorities. SP experience gained from other transportation modes (e.g., urban rail and bus services) is also examined and the potential applications of these lessons to the airline industry are suggested.