Multi-objective integration of timetables, vehicle schedules and user routings in a transit network

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Journal Article

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operations - scheduling, planning - integration


Timetabling, Vehicle scheduling, Schedule delay, Location-allocation, Multi-objective optimization


The Transit Network Timetabling and Scheduling Problem (TNTSP) aims at determining an optimal timetable for each line of a transit network by establishing departure and arrival times at each station and allocating a vehicle to each timetable. The current models for the planning of timetables and vehicle schedules use the a priori knowledge of users’ routings. However, the actual route choice of a user depends on the timetable. This paper solves the TNTSP in a public transit network by integrating users’ routings in the model. The proposed formulation guarantees that each user is allocated to the best possible timetable, while satisfying capacity constraints. In addition, we perform a trade-off analysis by means of a multi-objective formulation which jointly optimizes the operator’s and the users’ criteria.


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