Assessing multiple criteria for rapid bus routes in the public transport system in Vilnius

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Journal Article

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place - europe, place - urban, mode - bus rapid transit, planning - route design


Public transport, Rapid bus route, Multi-criteria analysis, Decision support system, Analysis of alternatives, SAW, AHP, TOPSIS


The paper considers the technological development of rapid bus routes in the network of Vilnius public transport. All rapid bus routes of the scheme for Vilnius public transport are presented and analysed with reference to the selected system of criteria. This article describes the situation of the public transport system in Vilnius and shows the influence of rapid bus routes. The paper also analyses parameters for the lines used for the multiple attribute ranking of rapid bus routes in Vilnius city. Multi-criteria methods have been chosen to rank six rapid bus routes and to estimate the best and most effective alternative based on the preferred technological and financial data. The experts of different decision-making groups have analyzed the importance of parameters selected for assessing alternatives to ranking rapid bus routes. The experts on the transport system have been invited to determine the relative weights of the defined criteria. Three techniques, including analytical hierarchical process, simple additive weighting and TOPSIS methods have been used and compared to determine the most efficient rapid bus route based on economic and technological parameters. To rank alternatives and to make a comparison of the obtained calculation results, three multi-criteria methods have been applied in this research.


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