Effects of altruism and burnout on driving behavior of bus drivers

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, ridership - drivers, ridership - behaviour, planning - surveys, planning - safety/accidents


Bus drivers, Altruism, Burnout, Aberrant driving behaviors


Personality traits predict driving behaviors. However, the mechanism underlying this relationship has not been adequately investigated in professional drivers. The current study investigated the relationship between altruistic personality and aberrant driving behaviors, and the potential role of burnout. A total of 194 bus drivers completed questionnaires including measures of altruism, burnout and aberrant driving behaviors (aggressive violations, ordinary violations, errors, and lapses). The results showed that altruism was negatively correlated with burnout, and with all the four subcategories of aberrant driving behavior. Burnout fully mediated the relationship between altruism and aggressive violations, and partially mediated the relationship between altruism and lapses. These findings can be applied in the bus drivers’ selection and interventions for burnout in order to improve the safety of public transport.


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