Expanding the effect of metro station service coverage by incorporating a public bicycle sharing system

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Journal Article

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place - urban, mode - bike, mode - subway/metro, planning - surveys, ridership - behaviour, technology - geographic information systems, policy - sustainable, policy - environment, operations - service span


Cost-benefit, discrete choice model, public bicycle sharing system (PBSS), service coverage


This study examines how metro stations can expand their service coverage for passengers by implementing a public bicycle sharing system (PBSS) in the vicinity. We design a stated preference method questionnaire to determine the choice behavior intention of metro passengers toward PBSS and calibrate the survey data using the mixed logit model. We also use a geographic information system to display this expansion in metro station service coverage following the incorporation of PBSS. We then conduct a cost-benefit analysis of PBSS incorporation into the metro system to determine its cost-effectiveness. The decision criteria for PBSS station allocation strategies as derived in this study can act as useful references for urban planners and PBSS operation agencies when initiating low-carbon and sustainable policies.


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