Trip Generation Rates at Park-and-Ride Facilities with Regional Bus and Light Rail Service: A Supplement to ITE Trip Generation Data

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - park and ride, mode - tram/light rail, place - north america


park-and-ride (P&R), trip generation


A park-and-ride (P&R) is a parking facility with connections to public transit service. The ITE Trip Generation Manual, ninth edition, presented trip generation rates separately for P&R facilities with bus and light rail service; however, the small sample sizes (maximum sample size was six studies) and outdated trip generation rates (between the 1980s and the 2000s) may not be an accurate representation for transportation engineers and planners to estimate the traffic impacts of P&R facilities correctly. This paper describes a comprehensive trip generation study that was performed at 40 regional transportation district P&R facilities in the Denver, Colorado, region with regional bus and light rail transit service. Similar to the ITE manual, this study estimated and produced weighted-average trip rates and regression equations. The sample size and variation in the data collected in this study can be used as a good representation for computing trip generation locally or for being applied to cities with similar transit systems and P&R design criteria.


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