Planning for Bus-on-Shoulders Operations in Northeastern Illinois: A Survey of Stakeholders

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Journal Article

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operations - traffic, land use - planning, policy - congestion, economics - operating costs, place - urban, mode - bus


Verge, Urban areas, Traffic congestion, Stakeholders, Shoulders (Roads), Road shoulders, Project development process, Planning, Operating costs, Legal factors, Legal aspects, Intracity bus transportation, Institutional issues, Illinois, Gridlock (Traffic), Cost of operation, Bus transit operations, Bus transit


Operating public buses on urban highway shoulders is a strategy being explored as a means to fight congestion and attract more riders to public transit. However, little information is available about the institutional and legal issues, project development process, costs, and performance of such operations. Results are presented of a study undertaken in northeastern Illinois to examine these preliminary but important issues, which must be addressed to the satisfaction of a diverse group of stakeholders. Findings from a survey of core stakeholders are reported. Concerns and possible resolutions that can be used to engage a larger group of stakeholders at a later time in the planning phase are documented.