DeepPF: A deep learning based architecture for metro passenger flow prediction

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

mode - subway/metro, technology - passenger information, ridership - forecasting


Passenger flow prediction, Deep learning architecture, Domain knowledge


This study aims to combine the modeling skills of deep learning and the domain knowledge in transportation into prediction of metro passenger flow. We present an end-to-end deep learning architecture, termed as Deep Passenger Flow (DeepPF), to forecast the metro inbound/outbound passenger flow. The architecture of the model is highly flexible and extendable; thus, enabling the integration and modeling of external environmental factors, temporal dependencies, spatial characteristics, and metro operational properties in short-term metro passenger flow prediction. Furthermore, the proposed framework achieves a high prediction accuracy due to the ease of integrating multi-source data. Numerical experiments demonstrate that the proposed DeepPF model can be extended to general conditions to fit the diverse constraints that exist in the transportation domain.


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