Transit Service Evaluation Standards


Daniel Boyle

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place - north america, literature review - literature review, planning - surveys, planning - service improvement


Administration and Management, Operations and Traffic Management, Passenger Transportation, Planning and Forecasting, Public Transportation


TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 139: Transit Service Evaluation Standards provides an overview of the purpose, use, and application of performance measures, service evaluation standards, and data collection methods at North American transit agencies. The report addresses the service evaluation process, from the selection of appropriate metrics through development of service evaluation standards and data collection and analysis to the identification of actions to improve service and implementation. The report also documents effective practices in the development and use of service evaluation standards. The report includes an analysis of the state of the practice of the service evaluation process in agencies of different sizes, geographic locations, and modes. Appendix D contains performance evaluation standards and guidelines provided by 23 agencies.


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