Location Aware Networks Optimizing Use of Transit Systems by Blind Travelers

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place - north america, mode - bus, ridership - drivers, ridership - disadvantage, technology - intelligent transport systems, policy - disability, planning - methods


disabilities, vision impairment, smart city, LookingBus


As part of the smart city vision, the LookingBus Transit IDEA project improves public transportation services for riders with disabilities. Specifically, LookingBus addresses the challenges of riders with disabilities in boarding and disembarking (getting on/off) the bus. LookingBus developed sensors that are placed on bus-stops and work with mobile apps to alert drivers of riders with disabilities waiting at subsequent bus-stop, ensuring that the drivers can assist the riders board the correct bus. Likewise, the driver gets a notification when the rider needs to get off the bus. In this way, LookingBus is looking out for every rider – the technology allows the drivers to be aware, prepared, and cognizant of the needs of the rider. This approach has been proven to help both drivers, who have the time to clear priority seating and prepare for the upcoming riders, and the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) riders who now have the services they need along with the confidence that the drivers will be ready for them.


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