Vision Dissonance: Conflicting Conceptions of Bus Sariri


Gwen Kash

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

place - south america, mode - bus, planning - public consultation


citizen participation, international planning and development, planning theory, politics and society, transportation


This article discusses how communication in planning processes can be disrupted by dissonance between stakeholders’ Visions, or mental models of a policy situation. The Vision dissonance framework is used to analyze how frames, paradigms, and theorizations act in concert to shape a stakeholder’s problem definition and problem-solving processes. I examine how Vision dissonance between planners and community stakeholders in El Alto, Bolivia, contributed to the failure of an attempt to introduce high-quality bus service. Because the municipality declined to include meaningful opportunities for public participation, incompatibility between Visions remained submerged until it was too late to reconcile them.


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