The Missing Link between Place and Productivity? The Impact of Transit-Oriented Development on the Knowledge and Creative Economy

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Journal Article

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land use - transit oriented development, land use - urban density, land use - impacts, economics - benefits


Transit-Oriented Development, knowledge economy, creative economy, sales volume, place, productivity


Emerging research suggests that planners and policy makers should explore the expanded role Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) plays in promoting innovation and economic growth. TOD station characteristics including accessibility, walkability, density, and mixed uses may create environments beneficial for creative and knowledge industries. However, the evidence linking place to productivity, as measured by firm sales volume is lacking. Using cluster analysis and Propensity Score Matching for national-level data, this research tests these relationships. Findings indicate that firms located in dense, mixed use, and walkable TODs with higher levels of activity experience increased sales. Hence, TOD and knowledge-based economic development strategies should be planned in tandem to maximize outcomes.


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