Stress perceived by foreigners that use public transportation in Bogotá (Colombia)

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Journal Article

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literature review - literature review, place - south america, place - urban, ridership - perceptions


Stress, Public transportation, Gender, Perceived risk


The goal of this research is to present a scale to measure foreigners' stress due to the use of public transportation in Bogotá. The study provides a literature review on travelers’ stress and the characteristics of public transportation in the capital of Colombia. Based on the literature review, the following variables are examined: lack of control, crime, accidents, cleanness, noise, temperature and space. Different structures are analyzed through Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), focusing on the Absolute Fit Indexes and the Incremental Fit Indexes. The results show that a model with two correlated constructs –a set of variables related to negative emotional outcomes, and a set of variables related to discomfort– presents the highest goodness-of-fit indexes. In addition, the CFA proofs the validity and reliability of the scales used to measure the constructs. Finally, the descriptive analysis and the T-test show that these variables affect female travelers at a higher level than they affect male travelers.


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