Micromobility and public transport integration: The current state of knowledge

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Journal Article

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literature review - literature review, place - urban, planning - integration, planning - service improvement


Micromobility, E-scooters, E-bikes, Public Transport integration, Active modes, Systematic review


Cities globally are grappling with the negative externalities of car travel and are therefore striving to move towards a more sustainable urban transportation system. The introduction and popularity of new personal transport modes, such as e-scooters and electric bicycles, could potentially accelerate this transition as they become more commonplace and are accepted into regulatory frameworks. The integration of these new modes and vehicles into public transport systems, for example, could enhance accessibility and lead to potential modal shifts away from private car use. In order to assess the potential for change that micromobility holds, it is key to study these new modes in the context of access and egress trips to and from public transport.

This paper presents an extensive systematic literature review of studies that focus specifically on the integration of micromobility and public transport systems and is, to the knowledge of the authors, the first review focusing on this specific aspect of micromobility. This paper offers an understanding of how this topic has been studied to date, which factors and aspects have been considered and analysed, which causalities have been identified in the research, in addition to identifying gaps in the literature and providing guidance for future research on this topic. Furthermore, this paper provides a comprehensive collection and critical discussion of suggestions and recommendations included in the literature which are analysed in this study, aimed at improving and further promoting the effective integration of micromobility and public transport services.


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