A procedure for public transit OD matrix generation using smart card transaction data

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Journal Article

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mode - bus rapid transit, place - asia, technology - ticketing systems, technology - passenger information


OD matrix estimation, Smart card transaction, Automatic fare collection, Passenger load profile, Public transport planning


Most fare collection systems are initially installed as single-purpose devices which are only used for collecting fare; however, many transit planners consider them as a rich source of data required for studying the passengers' trip trends. Although, usually, there is no transaction made at the destination stop, making some assumptions can help us infer the destination. In this study, we present an integrated procedure that can generate origin–destination matrices and passenger load profiles as essential tools for public transport planning processes. Moreover, this procedure can be used to detect and analyze trips that include transfers. In an attempt to employ the proposed algorithm in the Tehran bus rapid transit network, 52% of the transactions could be used to trace the trips in an origin–destination format. The trips that include transfers are recognized and analyzed further. Our detailed results of the method application indicate that the proposed algorithm is a productive and economical public transport planning method.


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