Passenger Satisfaction Scale for Public Transportation

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Journal Article

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planning - surveys, planning - methods


Passenger satisfaction, public transport


The purpose of the study was to develop a scale to determine the level of passenger satisfaction in relation to public transportation. In the process of developing the scale, the draft scale was initially sent to field experts to gain their feedback. Based on this feedback, the content validity ratio for each item was calculated. The minimum value for the content validity ratio was set as 0.80 and any items with a ratio under 0.80 were deleted. A 27-item prototype form was sent to 400 participants through Google Form, and data were obtained from 315 participants who filled out the prototype form. Using exploratory factor analysis (EFA) a construct was obtained with 22 items and four factors: “Technical Satisfaction,”“Service Satisfaction,”“Comfort Satisfaction,” and “Cleanliness Satisfaction.” The relationships among the four sub-dimensions were tested and significant positive relationships were found. The EFA results were confirmed via confirmatory factor analysis. The Cronbach’s alpha value of the scale was found to be 0.88. As a result, the passenger satisfaction scale for public transportation was demonstrated to be ready for use.


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