The impact of ride-hailing and shared bikes on public transit: Moderating effect of the legitimacy

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - bike, mode - bus, mode - demand responsive transit, mode - rail, ridership - behaviour


Ride-hailing, Shared bike, Public transport, Legitimacy


Using panel data drawn from 273 cities in China, this study examines how the emergence of ride-hailing and shared bikes impact public transportation and how the legitimation of ride-hailing influences its relationship with public transportation. The results show that, first, the emergence of ride-hailing reduces bus ridership but increases rail transit ridership. Second, the introduction of shared bikes reduces bus passenger volume but increases rail transit passenger volume. Finally, the legitimation of ride-hailing positively moderates its influence on rail transit but negatively moderates its influence on buses. These results provide a theoretical basis for improving the management of ride-hailing platforms, especially in regions where ride-hailing is not yet legitimate.


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