The contribution of carsharing to low carbon mobility: Complementarity and substitution with other modes

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Journal Article

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place - europe, place - urban, planning - surveys, planning - environmental impact, technology - emissions


Car club, Car sharing, Low carbon mobilityCO2 emission, Public transport, In-depth interviews, Urban mobility


This paper analyses both the attributes of carsharing transport modes (station-based and free-floating) and their relationship with other transport modes. Users' and stakeholders’ perspectives are synthesized from in-depth interviews in Spain. The elicitation of the comparative advantages of the two carsharing modes with respect to public transport and private vehicles helps identifying factors such as availability of parking, road pricing and convenience that drive the complementary and substitution property of carsharing with other transport modes. Interviews show the limited complementarity of carsharing with public transport, as well as the limited substitutability with private vehicles. Potential policy instruments to make carsharing coexist with public transport are discussed.


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