Potential of modal shift from private cars to public transport: A survey on the commuters’ attitudes and willingness to switch – A case study of Silesia Province, Poland


Anna Urbanek

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Journal Article

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place - europe, place - urban, ridership - attitudes, ridership - behaviour, ridership - commuting, planning - surveys, planning - service quality


Private cars, Public transport, Travel attitudes, Travel behaviour, Modal shift


The increasing difficulties related to traffic congestion, pollution and deteriorating quality of life of inhabitants are common problems faced by cities around the world. Activities intended to reduce the share of private cars in fulfilling the mobility needs of inhabitants are undertaken in urban areas with growing intensity.

The paper presents the results of a survey carried out among individuals commuting by private car in the central part of Silesia Province in Poland. The purpose of the conducted research was to better understand the attitudes of the respondents to private cars and public transport, as well as to increase knowledge of what level of costs of car use would force cars users to shift to public transport.

The main research results indicate that the economic factors, such as fuel prices or public transport fares, are not very effective in changing transport behaviours. The obtained research results confirm that psychological factors are decisive for such an unwillingness to switch to public transport. An increase of public transport modal share in daily commuting requires taking simultaneous and complex actions, not only for the improvement of the quality of public transport but also in order to increase the burden of using private cars.


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