Understanding the influence of a downstream-side bus stop on saturation flows at an isolated junction

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, place - europe, place - urban, planning - methods, planning - surveys, operations - performance, operations - traffic, infrastructure - stop, land use - impacts, land use - planning


Saturation flow, junction design, junction performance, bootstrapping regression, Practical Reserve Capacity, case study


This research investigates how saturation flow is affected by bus stops and analyses whether the standard equation used in the UK is adequate for estimating the saturation flow of an approach, especially in the presence of a downstream-side bus stop. As part of the study, we undertook a survey of saturation flows at several junctions in the city of Leeds in England and seek to explain the factors affecting them, taking into account the bus stop located nearby. We develop bootstrapping regression models to explain the difference between the observed and estimated saturation flows and propose an extension to the standard model, accounting for the bus stop located nearby. Finally, this paper illustrates the methods developed and reports on how performance can be improved by reconfiguring a junction.


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