Delivering Transit-Oriented Development in lower order centres: the case of Epping town centre, Sydney

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Journal Article

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place - australasia, place - urban, land use - transit oriented development, land use - planning


Urban renewal, Transit Oriented Development, town centres, metropolitan planning, Sydney


The urban renewal of middle-ring suburban centres has emerged as a central component of strategic planning in Australia. Often based on the design principles of Transit Oriented Development, the renewal of middle-ring centres is viewed as a panacea for many of the challenges facing Australian cities. However, implementation remains a challenge. Using Epping town centre, located in northwest Sydney, as an example, we explore a series of planning, governance and delivery challenges which emerge to inhibit renewal. Our focus is on; first, the challenges of fluid and uncertain planning identities in delivering renewal; second, the role of ad hoc and politically expedient transport infrastructure delivery in framing renewal; and, thirdly, the role of the private sector (especially foreign investors and developers) in delivering urban change. This analysis provides important insights for the planning and renewal of lower order middle-ring centres across Australia cities.


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