Frequency-based path flow estimator for transit origin-destination trip matrices incorporating automatic passenger count and automatic fare collection data

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Journal Article

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place - urban, technology - automatic vehicle monitoring, technology - passenger information, technology - ticketing systems, ridership - modelling


Transit, OD estimation, Frequency-based path flow estimator, Automatic passenger count data, Automatic fare collection data


A frequency-based path flow estimator is proposed to estimate the transit passenger origin–destination (OD) matrix in an urban congested transit network. The proposed model not only considers the effect of congestion under an equilibrium framework, but also benefits from being formulated as a single-level model with the route-section-based network representation. Multiple transit data sources are incorporated, including automatic passenger count, automatic fare collection and automatic vehicle location data. A path-based diagonalization approach embedded with an iterative balancing scheme is developed to solve the model. Case studies are conducted to demonstrate the features and applicability of the proposed model and algorithm.


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