Evaluating service performance of public bus transit service: a case study of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Mulugeta Girma

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

place - africa, planning - service improvement, planning - service quality, planning - surveys, mode - bus


Public transport, service quality, importance performance analysis, factor analysis, Addis Ababa


To determine the operators’ strengths and shortcomings in the delivery of transit service, it is crucial to evaluate bus transit service performance from the viewpoint of the consumer. This study highlights the priority features that demand immediate attention in service supply and assesses users’ levels of satisfaction. A questionnaire was used to gather information from 500 respondents, and models for Factor Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Index and Importance Performance Analysis were used to assess the data. According to the results, clients were quietly satisfied with the service they received in 55% of cases. It suggests that the city’s transit system needs immediate attention if it wants to increase passenger satisfaction ratings above the existing level. Nine service quality attributes were identified by IPA’s analysis as belonging to quadrant one, which is a quadrant with high importance but low performance. As a result, the study recommends transit service providers, local governments, and other interested parties concentrate and allocate their resources on enhancing transit services that emphasize the qualities found in the first quadrant.


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