About World Transit Research

Rationale Public Transport systems worldwide have much potential to address the urban mobility challenges of the 21st century. However they face considerable technical challenges in managing ageing infrastructure and developing new systems within a context of changing technologies, markets, operations and planning and an environment of constrained financial resources.

Published research is one of the most effective means of keeping public transport planners informed of existing knowledge, of new developments in the industry and in dealing with new challenges in an informed and considered manner. Unfortunately practitioners in the field are time poor and have poor direct access to quality research.

Function World Transit Research (WTR) is a free repository of research papers, reports, research abstracts and links to research findings from leading research journals indexed and searchable to ensure easier access to topics of interest in public transport planning. WTR is designed to make it easier for public transport planners worldwide to access quality research in the field.

Users of WTR can search for research on specific topics or select from a menu of subject areas or authors to identify research of interest. Where users have an agreement for direct access to research journals, links to research will provide direct access to specific papers. Where they don’t they will link to pages where research access can be purchased. In many cases research reports are held within the database for direct download.

WTR also allows web site users the opportunity to join an eNewsletter list by providing their email address. WTR publishes a bi-monthly newsletter distributed via email and itemises all recent publications in the field which have been added to the WTR database.

Authors can submit research outputs to WTR to be considered for inclusion in the database. Click on the ‘Submit Research’ button on the home page and follow the instructions.

Genesis WTR is developed by Professor Graham Currie, Professor of Public Transport at the Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University. It is funded by through the research activities of Professor Currie and his team in the Public Transport Research Group (PTRG).

Acknowledgements WTR has relied on the cooperation of leading research journals to ensure access to abstracts are available for the system. The Department of Transport, Victoria has also provided some resources to help populate the database. The database could not have been compiled without the assistance of the staff at the Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) run by the US Transportation Research Board. Many thanks to the above for their help.

WTR Futures WTR is funded solely from the research activities of Professor Currie. Expressions of interest for supporting the future operation and development of the site are being sought. Please contact if you find the site of value and wish to assist in keeping it running into the future.

Questions, Suggestions and Input Any suggestions and feedback on WTR are welcome. Please contact the system manager Wendy Walker at .

About Institutional Repositories

Institutional Repositories (IRs) bring together all of a University's research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research.

IRs are an excellent vehicle for working papers or copies of published articles and conference papers. Presentations, senior theses, and other works not published elsewhere can also be published in the IR.

To learn more about Institutional Repositories, please visit our IR research page.