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Journal Article

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planning - methods, organisation - management, mode - rail, mode - subway/metro


Vehicular tunnels, Tunnelling, Tunneling, Tunnel construction, Time duration, Technological innovations, Simulation, Railroad tunnels, Metro tunnels, Geology, Decision support systems, Costs, Construction practice, Construction methods, Construction management, Construction, Computer simulation, Advanced technology


The decision aids for tunneling (DAT) are a computer-based tool with which tunnel construction cost and time as well as required and produced resources can be computed. The DAT work with standard information such as geologic/geotechnical, structural, and material characteristics as well as construction performance. The two major components of the DAT, the "description of geology" and "construction simulation and construction management" are reviewed followed by descriptions of major applications of the DAT. Specifically, this involves application in the projects of two new transalpine rail tunnels in Switzerland (Gotthard, 57 km; Lotschberg, 36 km), investigation of different alternatives for a Metro project, and, finally, use of the DAT for assessing the effect of new tunneling technology on cost and time of construction.